Thursday, 20 Jun 2019 - 17 of Sivan, 5779

Hungary funds new association to combat antisemitism throughout Europe

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BUDAPEST—A Jewish group in Hungary has announced the setting up a new association called Action and Protection League of Europe (APLE), funded by the Hungarian government, which will fight anti-Semitism across Europe.

The new association is being set up under the framework of the Action and Protection Foundation founded in 2012 by the United Hungarian Jewish Congregations (EMIH).

The Foundation has published monthly reports tracking anti-Semitism in Hungary and prepared an annual survey and study regarding prejudices and biases in Hungarian society.  It has also prepared numerous reports for the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe (OSCE) based on its recommended methodologies.

Hungary’s government has decided to provide $3.4 million (2,9 million euros) to expand activities that fight anti-Semitism throughout the EU as part of a government resolution adopted this week by the Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Office, Minister Gergely Gulyas.

Half of the money will become available for government-led initiatives in the 2019 national budget, followed by a second allocation in the following one, according to a statement issued by EMIH, which is working with the government on these projects.

The following goals are included in the new Association:

  • Monitoring anti-Semitism (with close watch over BDS activities) in all 38 member states of the European Union, in all official languages, as well as in Arabic and Turkish;
  • Comprehensive inspection of all legal frameworks in EU member states in order to formulate a legal policy for the battle against anti-Semitism in every state, including advancing legislation that combats anti-Semitism;
  • Opening a 24-hour hotline to report anti-Semitic incidents;
  • Comprehensive inspection of all study programs in educational systems in all EU states.

Rabbi Shlomo Koves, Executive Rabbi of the United Hungarian Jewish Congregations (EMIH). in Budapest.

Beside the government’s financial support, the new Association will be founded in cooperation and with support of several Jewish organizations and philanthropists in Europe.

“Hungary is contributing in a fairly significant way to the battle against anti-Semitism, and I express my appreciation to the government for this,” said Rabbi Shlomo Koves, Executive Rabbi of EMIH in Budapest.

”We hope that the expansion of our activities throughout Europe will become a turning point in the battle against anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in Europe, as well as advance positive relations between Israel and Hungary. This is, perhaps, the first time that a European government is taking the leap from words to actions in aiding the battle against anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiments that are unfortunately gaining strength across our continent,” he added?


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