Thursday, 22 Oct 2020 - 4 of Heshvan, 5781

French President Macron on the Trump Mideast peace plan: ‘We do not compensate for the humiliation of a people by money’

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“I do not believe in a peace which will be built on hegemony or humiliation, even if this would be compensated by money because we know that we do not compensate for the humiliation of a people by money,” declared French President Emmanuel Macron in his address to the 75th United Nations General Assembly.

He was referring to the Trump administration Mideast peace plan unveiled earlier this year.

The economic part of the plan, called ‘’Peace to Prosperity’’, promised 50 billion of dollars of investment for the Palestinians for infrastructure projects.

“I am delighted that Israel has obtained recognition (from the UAE and Bahrain), it is a pledge of hope for the future,” Macron also said about the normalization accords signed at the White House last week by Israel with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrein.

“However, a just peace requires above all to find the ways and means of a decisive negotiation which will allow the Palestinians to finally have their rights,” the French president said.

‘’There is no alternative to a courageous negotiation, which will require agreeing on the most difficult questions, respecting everyone’s legitimate aspirations, and full recognition of security and sovereignty,’’ he continued.


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