Monday, 22 Jul 2019 - 19 of Tammuz, 5779

French Interior Minister calls for banning four organisations ‘legitimizing armed jihad’

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PARIS—France’s Interior Minister Christophe Castaner has called for a ban of four associations ‘’legitimizing armed jihad’’ in the country.

The Minister made this proposal to French President Emmanuel Macron during the weekly government meeting.

The four targeted groups are Center Zahra France, Anti Zionist Party, Shia Federation of France and France Marianne Télé because, according to the Interior Ministry, they “legitimize regularly the armed jihad both by their  sermons and the writings made available to followers and Internet users “.

The Ministry also referred to “a constant apology, especially via the internet, of the actions of organizations such as Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the armed wing of Hezbollah, all listed as  terrorist organizations by the Union. European.’’


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