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85-year-old Jewish woman, Holocaust survivor, found dead in her apartment, her body stabbed and burnt

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PARIS—A 85-year-old Jewish woman was found dead, her body burnt and stabbed eleven times, in her apartment in the 11th district of Paris on Friday. She was identified by the French edia only as Mireille K, the National Bureau for Vigilancer Against Anti-Semitism (BNVCA) reported.

The victim is a Shoah survivor.

The woman reported in the past to authorities about a man from the same street whom she said had threatened to “burn her.”

A forensic examination of the apartment showed that an arsonist started a fire in at least five distinct areas of that space, the report also said.

the BNVCA said the suspected murder of the woman  “is reminiscent of the crime committed against Sarah Halimi,” a 66-year-old Jewish teacher and physician who was brutally murdered in  Paris by her Muslim neighbor in April 2017 in connection with her Jewish identity.

According to information collected by the watchdog, a suspect is  being questioned by the judicial police of the 2nd District of Paris.


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