Monday, 25 Oct 2021 - 19 of Heshvan, 5782

The Times publishes photo of Jeremy Corbyn next to Palestinian terror chief

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LONDON—British daily The Times has published a photo of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn next to Maher al-Taher, the leader-in-exile of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestinian (PFLP), just weeks before members of the terror group carried out a bloody attack on a Jerusalem synagogue that killed six people, including a British rabbi.           .

Corbyn stood alongside Maher al-Taher at a controversia  wreath-laying ceremony in Tunisia in 2014 where Palestinians linked to the 1972 Olympic Games terror attack in Munich  were honoured. Several Israeli athletes were killed in the attack.

Mr Corbyn acknowledged he was present at the ceremony in Tunisia in 2014 but said he did not “think” he was involved in the wreath laying.

Corbyn has denied knowing that a man he stood next to at a wreath-laying ceremony was a senior official from a terrorist group.

He told the BBC: “I was unaware of any of his background . . . I don’t share platforms with terrorists. I don’t believe in killing people.”

Latest photo from Munich killer’s ceremony shows Corbyn standing next to Palestinian terrorist leader


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