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Slogans like “Heil Hitler” and ‘Stink Jews” shouted at rally against anti-corona measures in the Netherlands

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The Centraal Joods Overleg, the umbrella group of Jewish organisations in the Netherlands, said it was ‘’deeply shocked’’ about anti-Semitic slogans that were shouted at a demonstration against the government new restrictive measures against corona in the city of Den Bosch on Saturday.

On videos posted on social media, some protesters were heard shouting slogans such as “Heil Hitler” and “Stink Jews”.

“This group of people hijacked a demonstration to express anti-Semitic ideas. This has nothing to do with corona measures,’’ Eddo Verdoner, chairman of the Centraal Jodds Overleg, told the local media.

The group has called on police and the judiciary of Den Bosch to punish these protesters.


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