Monday, 27 Jan 2020 - 1 of Shevat, 5780

Outrage over British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s Rosh Hashanah video featuring activist who said Kaddish for Hamas members

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LONDON—British Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn has sparked outrage for releasing a Rosh Hashanah video that features an activist who last year led a public Jewish mourning prayer for dead members of Hamas, The Jewish Chronicle reported.

In the video, which sidelines the festival’s central message of self-reflection and repentance, the opposition leader visits a greengrocer in his constituency in London, where he discusses the Jewish New Year symbols of honey and apples as a way to promote Labour’s “Green Industrial Revolution” programme.

Entering the shop alongside Corbyn is Rob Abrams, a Jewish anti-Zionist activist who in May 2018 led a Kaddish in Parliament Square for the 62 Palestinians killed on the Israel-Gaza border, at least 50 of whom were Hamas terrorist operatives.

In the video Abrams tells Corbyn: “The apple is the fruit of the Earth.. and it brings us back to one of the most important elements of Judaism, the guardianship of the Earth.”

In a statement at the end of the video, Mr Corbyn says: “Learning more about Rosh Hashanah has given me hope that we’ll defend our green future…We must do everything in our power to combat the climate emergency through a Green Industrial Revolution.”

In response, David Collier of the Campaigner Against Antisemitism wrote: “There is no way you are not aware much of the Jewish community were outraged when this person explicitly led a prayer service for dead Hamas terrorists.

“Which makes your actions here deliberate. Your spiteful nature highlights you are a real danger.”


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