Saturday, 8 May 2021 - 26 of Iyyar, 5781

Jewish cemetery vandalized by Neo-Nazis in Denmark during Passover holiday

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A Jewish cemetery in Denmark was vandalized during the Passover holiday. the northern Denmark town of Aalborg was vandalized over the Passover holiday.

Red paint was found on a wall as well as dolls with red paint, along with leaflets calling it a holiday of carnage were found in the cemetery in the town of Aalborg, in northern Denmark.

The leaflets included a link to a website for Nordfront, a neo-Nazi group;

“What has happened, vandalism in the cemetery around Easter, is simply so classic anti-Semitism as it may be. We have seen this for centuries in Europe,” Henri Goldstein, chairman of the Jewish Society in Denmark told a local news website;

“You can see that those in Aalborg write on their flyers that the Jewish Passover bread is mixed with blood from Christians. It’s completely insane, and a classic conspiracy theory,” he said.

Local police officials said an investigation was underway and that the incident is being investigated as a hate crime.

Rabbi Yitzchak Loewenthal, Director of Chabad in Copenhagen, called the incident a “modern-day blood libel” and said he hopes the authorities will find the perpetrators and prosecute them.

“It is tragic that age-old lies are still being used to attack Jews,” Rabbi Loewenthal said. “As we finish the holiday of Pesach, we go forward knowing that with light and positivity, as proud Jews, we shall overcome the darkness, both ancient and modern. Am Yisroel Chai.”

This is not the first time that Jewish cemeteries in Denmark have been vandalized. In October last year, two men were found guilty of racist vandalism against Jewish graves at a cemetery in Randers, Denmark in 2019.

The Aaalborh vandalism was the second such incident in Europe over the Passover holiday.

During the first days of Pessach, dolls with red paint were lso found hanging outside a synagogue in the Swedish city of Norrkoping.


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