Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019 - 22 of Sivan, 5779

Israeli PM Netanyahu praises Viktor Orban for opening in Budapest a center to battle antisemitism

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JERUSALEM—Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban for opening in Budapest a center to battle fight antisemitism in all EU member states.

He was taking part in a Q&A session in the Knesset with international Jewish journalists and bloggers who attended the third World Jewish Media Summit in Jerusalem.

Responding a question from a Hungarian journalist who asked him what he thinks of Orban who is described by the mainstream media as being ‘’fascist’’, Netanyahu responded :

‘’I noticed that Viktor Orban opened a center to battle antisemitismn, which I think is important. I noticed a similar event in Austria by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz who convened a conference against antisemitism which included right-wing and anti-Zionism because anti-Zionism is the modern form of antisemitism. I think that these two leaders are doing a very important job in understanding what is antisemitism.’’

The Prime Minister added : ‘’When I was in Hungary, Prime Minister Orban openly condemned the practices of the fascist leaders in Hungary, saying that this was a terrible mistake in the country’s history. I look at what they do, at what they say also on the European level.’’




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