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Violent antisemitic attack against young man in Paris

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A group monitoring antisemitism in France has denounced a violent antisemitic attack last week against a 29-year-old Jewish man in Paris.

The National Bureau of Vigilance Against Antisemitism (BNCVA) said the victim, identified as David S, was entering the lobby of the Parisian apartment building where his parents live and where he was visiting, when he felt being followed by two individuals he described of African origin.

They took the elevator with him. Once they got to the 18th floor, they insulted him, “dirty Jew, dirty son of a bitch, you’re a dead man, dirty race”, strangling him and hitting him all over the body.

The victim called for help but the attackers strangle him again and threw him down the stairs. One of them stole his valuable Rolex watch.

David S. declared to have lost consciousness following the violent blows which were struck to him. He added that he was left unconscious on the stairs. When the victim’s father arrived on the scene, alerted by the screams, the attackers had already fled.

David, who suffered from pain in the face, in the throat and in the legs, was received by the Judicial Medical Emergencies, which noted multiple bruises all over the body. He has filed a complaint at the police station.

He said that the police officers of the 19th Paris district where the attack occurred, contacted him in the evening, explaining to him that they could not move when they were called because of an “emergency” that they were dealing with in their constituency.

”We ask the police services in charge of the investigation to do everything possible to identify the attackers and arrest them,” said BNVCA who decided to be a civil party and to assist David S. throughout the proceedings.


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