Sunday, 26 Sep 2021 - 20 of Tishri, 5782

Tel Aviv Mayor expresses support for Mayor of Paris who announced her candidacy for the presidential election

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Huldai wrote that Hidalgo is ‘’a true friend of Israel.’’

The Mayor of Tel Aviv Ron Huldai has expressed his support for Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, who officially announced on Sunday her candidacy for the 2022  presidential election in France.

In a tweet, Huldai wrote that Hidalgo is ‘’a true friend of Israel.’’

“After a long and warm friendship with Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, a true friend of Israel, I consider her an outstanding presidential candidate and wish her the best of success in the elections,” added Huldai, who said he has a long an warm friendship with the Paris Mayor.

Hildago, who is a Socialist, is currently credited with 7 to 9% of the vote according to the polls.

She has severely criticised incumbent President Emmanuel Macron’s record: “The five-year term that is coming to an end was supposed to unite the French, but it has divided them like never before. It was supposed to solve social problems, but it has made them worse. He was supposed to protect our planet, he has turned his back on ecology,” she said.


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