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Series of antisemitic incidents in Paris: portraits of Holocaust survivor Simone Veil tagged with swastikas, ‘yellow vests’ blamed

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PARIS— Two days after the inscription ‘’Juden!’’ (Jews in German) was tagged on the window of Jewish-owned ‘Bagelstein’ shop in Paris, swastikas were discovered on portraits of Holocaust survivor and former minister Simone Veil drawn on two yellow mailboxes  in the French capital.

These portraits are a work of artist Christian Guémy made in 2018 when Simone Veil’s e coffin was buried in the Pantheon,  France’s burial place for some of its most illustrious citizens. Veil, who survived Auschwitz,  died in 2017.

On social media The artist denounced a ‘’very shocking act of cowardice.’’ In a tweet, the town hall of the 13th  district of Paris, where the swastikas were found,  reacted by evoking an act “filthy, abject and especially coward.” ‘’After the degradation of a Bagelstein shop  this weekend, the anti-Semites are now targeting Simone Veil. We will file a complaint. Let’s all be mobilized against hatred,’’ it said.

On Saturday, the word “Juden!” was discovered spray-pained in yellow letters on the window of a ‘Bagelstein’ store in the 4th district of Paris.

Several other anti-Semitic tags have been discovered in various locations of Paris over the weekend.

On Saturday, the word “Juden!” was discovered spray-painted in yellow letters on the window of a  ‘Bagelstein’ store.

The Paris prosecutor’s office said the incident was being treated as incitement to racial hatred. The management of the ‘Bagelstein’ chain had filed a complaint with police after the graffiti was found.

Some have established a link between the latest antisemitic incidents in Paris and the ‘’yellow vests’’ anti-government protests and demonstrations  which in some cases were marred by  antisemitic incidents.


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