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Israeli PM Bennett assured French President Macron that Israel takes seriously allegations about the use of Israeli made spyware

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President Emmanuel Macron reportedly called Bennett to express his concern over reports that his phone was hacked by  spyware Pegasus.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has assured French President Emmanuel Macron that Israel takes seriously allegations that a spyware developed by an Israeli company was used to target the French leader, Israeli media reported.

The French President reportedly called Bennett to express his concern over reports that his phone was hacked by  spyware Pegasus, developed by Israeli cybersecurity group  NSO.

Macron asked Bennett to ensure the issue was being taken seriously, while Bennett clarified that the events predate the swearing-in of his government in June. The required conclusions regarding this matter will be reached, Bennett reportedly assured the French leader.

Naftali Bennet indicated that he was considering sending his Minister of Defense Benny Gantz to Paris with answers to the questions that have been raised.

Last week, several international media outlets reported that the Pegasus spyware, was used in hacking smartphones belonging to journalists, human rights activists and government officials in several countries.

A<ccording to French media, Macron held an emergency cybersecurity meeting on Thursday to weigh possible government action after reports that his cellphone and those of government ministers may have been targeted by the spyware.

Macron changes his phones regularly and is “taking the matter very seriously,” government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on French radio.

An official with NSO, Haim Gelfand, told i24NEWS that President Macron was not a target. Gelfand said the company would review some of the cases that were revealed by the media and press clients about how they are using Pegasus. He said the company follows a careful process before deciding to whom to sell its systems.


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