Monday, 25 Oct 2021 - 19 of Heshvan, 5782

Billboards protesting coronavirus stringer measures depict French President Macron as Hitler

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Several billboards depicting French President Emmanuel Macron as Nazi leader Adolf Hitler were placed on southern France as part of a protest against the president’s coronavirus restrictions policy.

ow one of them is facing legal trouble over a billboard depicting him as Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Macron has decided to make rules against coronavirus stringer in order to curb the infections and have more people vaccinated. Some people oppose the measures as they consider them as an attack to individual freedom.

The president’s attorneys announced that he is planning to sue the owner of the billboards in the city of Toulon portraying Macron in a uniform as the Nazi leader, with a hairstyle and mustache similar to Hitler’s. The swastika armband was changed to LREM—La République En Marche—the name of Macron’s ruling party. An accompanying slogan read: “Obey. Get vaccinated.”

Michel-Ange Flori, the creator of the posters, tweeted: ‘’In Macron-land, Charlie Hebdo‘s showing the Prophet’s rear is satire, but making fun of Macron as a dictator is a blasphemy.”


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