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Abraham Accords to be celebrated in Brussels during Iftar dinner event

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The ‘’Abraham Award 2023’’ will be presented to the ambassadors of the four signatory countries of the 2020 Abraham Accords, the UAE, Israel, Bahrein and Morocco, during an Iftar event which will be organized in Brussels.

The Iftar dinner will take place on March 29th during the month of Ramadan which is the holy month for the Muslim community and represents one of the five fundamental pillars of Islam.

The U.S. Ambassadors to the EU and to Belgium will also attend the event which is organized by the European Jewish Community Center (EJCC) with the collaborations of the embassies of the UAE, Israel, Morocco and Bahrein.

‘’The Abraham Accords’s impact has exceeded all expectations. One of the results is the cross-cultural atmosphere created by the accords and which went beyond the borders of the nations involved in the treaty,’’ said EJCC in a statement.

‘’This mutual interest and genuine friendship between Ara band Jewish communities around the world has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to embark on a new wave of cross-cultural tourism and spontaneous cross-cultural gatherings between local communities around the world.’’

The ‘’Abraham Award’’ will be given annually to an outstanding initiative promoting peace and living together.


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