Friday, 12 Aug 2022 - 15 of Av, 5782

The Enemy of the Palestinian People

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By Xela VS

Of course, I am pro-Palestinian. That is, if I use the definition most people invoke when they hear the word Palestinians: an oppressed people living under the terror of the Israeli coloniser, who only have a few miserable stones to defend themselves against the high-tech violence of the Israeli army.

Yet this definition calls for nuance. Or rather, for thorough revision. The Palestinians are indeed oppressed, and their human rights are not respected. But the oppressor is not the world’s most demonised country called Israel, but Hamas, an islamofascist terror group that rules with an iron fist over a people systematically indoctrinated from birth to hate and exterminate Jews. This inherent antisemitism is nothing new under the Palestinian sun. Just ask the Mufti of Jerusalem, who conspired with Adolf Hitler to bring the Shoah to the Middle East. A historical tidbit seldom mentioned in our ever-radicalising neo-Marxist, islam-glorifying academic institutions – former bastions of knowledge, nowadays strongholds stinking of political correctness.

Hamas is not a democratically elected government, as Westerners naively believe, but a bunch of terrorists funded by jihadist billionaires who mock democracy. Neither do they believe in human rights. That’s why they hang adulterous women and throw homosexuals off buildings. A whole lot less merrymaking than the gay parade in Tel Aviv, where transgender people of all religions are jumping to the beats of Lady Gaga.

This islamofascist mob is also not afraid to use innocent Palestinian women and children as living shields on tanks bought with the millions of dollars they receive from the United Nations to build homes, hospitals and schools. But instead of building infrastructures for health care and education, they dig subterranean tunnel networks to smuggle weapons and fire thousands of missiles at Israeli shopping malls, kindergartens, and Jerusalem, which they hypocritically claim to be their cherished Holy City.

Digging tunnels and firing missiles are an expensive affair, paid for by not only the UN, but also by zakat,  muslim donations that go to charity funds largely controlled by Hamas. The families of suicide bombers, or ‘freedom fighters’ as journalists worldwide like to call them, receive a reward from the Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund, starting from several hundreds of dollars up to 5000 dollars – a painful, yet lucrative sacrifice to parents who apparently can tolerate the idea of their beloved child pressing the detonation button. Does the perspective of paradise, where martyrs can indulge in rivers of wine and decadent orgies, make the decision easier? Or is the hatred for jews so great that sacrificing a son or daughter is a price they are willing to pay for the greater good? As Golda Meir famously said: “Peace will come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us”.

President Donald J. Trump has successfully tempered this murderous hatred for four years and made the world understand that Jerusalem was and will be the eternal capital of the Jewish nation by moving the American embassy there. Now that his successor has taken power and the threat of American retaliation is diminished, Hamas dares to kill Jews again – and muslims along the way, for that matter – their recent rocket attacks have buried a Palestinian man and his young daughter alive.

Meanwhile, the Western world applauds Hamas, like ignoramuses who do not realise they are helping to oppress the Palestinians by not recognising the hideous crimes of terrorists who would kill them too, if they could. Out of silly political correctness, nauseating antisemitism disguised as antizionism, willful ignorance, or a nauseating blend of the three? Who will tell?

A rapid scroll through social media feeds shows the increasing level of support for ‘Palestine’ – as if the Palestinian people were one unanimous entity, forced into Apartheid by the Zionist devil. What nobody talks about, or cares to talk about, is the bloody violence resulting from the rivalry between adherents of Hamas and Fatah – a Palestinian antagonism making far more victims than the defensive actions of Tsahal. But the international media remain deafeningly silent about those victims. Facts not involving Jews are not that exciting, and the truth is annoying if it distorts one’s narrative.

What the media also avoid discussing, are Arabs with Israeli citizenship who don’t live under the terror of Hamas, but still choose to burn the Israeli flag and stab their fellow Jewish citizens with knives. They could just leave the country they despise and emigrate to one of the twenty-two Arab states, where Shiites and Sunnis diligently butcher each other. Perhaps life in Israel, the only country that gives their Palestinian brothers work, food, water, and free medical care, is not so terrible after all.

Israeli initiatives for peace agreements, including the one proposed by the former US commander-in-chief, have been plentiful, but unfortunately, unsuccessful. It takes two to tango, and, as one might suspect from terrorists, Hamas is not interested in peaceful coexistence. The preamble of their Covenant clearly states that they will not rest until the complete annihilation of the Jewish state through jihad is a tangible fact: “Israel will exist and continue to exist until islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it”.

The greater the animosity against Israel, the greater the need for it to continue existing, so that the horrors of the past cannot be repeated. Am Israel Chai! The Promised Land is here to stay.

Hopefully, the awfully limited vision of Israeli oppression versus Palestinian victimhood is hereby nuanced. How regrettable that these nuances are being made by unknown individuals like me, and not by the journaille of the Western mainstream media, misleading their readership with cherry-picked facts and straight-out lies. Their detestation of Israel far outweighs their love for the Palestinian people. Otherwise, they would have called out their real enemy a long time ago.

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