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Record number of antisemitic incidents in May in the U.K., linked to the Israel-Hamas conflict

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The Community Security Trust (CST), a British charity charged with the safety of the Jewish community,  has recorded more antisemitic incidents in May than any other since records began. 

This is linked to the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Between May 8 and May 27, 325 incidents of antisemitism were reported to CST.

The incidents include verbal abuse, threats and a very large amount of hatred in social media and online.

‘’We have also seen numerous anti-Israel demonstrations featuring large crowds of angry protestors, a minority of whom have used antisemitic chants or placards. This may heighten local tensions and potentially cause more antisemitism,’’ CST said.

‘’CST expects the levels of antisemitism to continue, or indeed worsen, until the conflict in Israel and Gaza subsides. CST’s operations have increased because of the situation and we have asked all communal locations to fully enact their security procedures.’’

The group asked the Jewish community ‘’to cooperate with all security personnel,’’ ‘’to be calm but vigilant.’’

Across the UK, the majority of antisemitic incidents reported to CST occurred in London (143), followed by Manchester (56), West Yorkshire (18), Merseyside (14) and Hertfordshire (13).

“Every time Israel is at war antisemitism hits record levels in the UK, and this is another depressing month to add to those in 2014, 2009 and 2006,’’ a CST spokesperson said.

“However, there is nothing inevitable about this: it happens because some people choose to attack, abuse, threaten and harass British Jews, and being angry about Israel is no excuse.”


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