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IDF veteran combat soldiers to expose in the EU parliament Hamas’ use of human shields to attack Israelis

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BRUSSELS—Israeli army reserve soldiers will address the European Parliament in Brussels this week to expose the methods employed by terror organizations like Hamas that use civilian populations as human shields along the Gaza border to provide cover for attacks against Israelis.

The visit of these IDF reserve soldiers in the EU parliament is part of an international campaign launched by ‘’My truth’’, a non-political grassroots group  of IDF reserve soldiers created one year  after the initiation of the ‘’March of Retunr’’ riots by Hamas against Israel.

The ‘’My Truth’’ ‘’Human Shields’ project includes dozens of testimonies gathered in the past months by soldiers who served in a variety of units in different sections, unfolding a difficult reality where the civilian population (women, children, and even people with disabilities as well as medical staff) is used for terror purposes.

‘’Despite these tactics, lack of awareness as to the nature and motivation behind it is common among the international community. The objective is to bring about a rel change in perception,’’ writes ‘’MY Truth.’’

The special event in the European Parliament on Wednesday titled ‘’Humanb Shields : complex realities of the modern battlefield, will include the project’s exhibition and a panel discussion, where IDF reserves soldiers will share their personal experiences confronting the methods of terror organizations on the ground. This event is sponsored by two Members of the largest political groups in the European Parliament, Ramon Manuescu (EPP, center-right) and Andi Cristea (S&D, Social Democrat) in partnership with Europe Israel Public Affairs.

“My Truth” CEO, Avhihai Shorshan said: “IDF soldiers are being slandered for years as they are presented as violent criminals by radical actors, without an ability to defend themselves. We must put an end to this discourse. This initiative is the beginning of a better, informed discussion with counterparts in Europe and America, which will raise awareness to the grave violations committed by terror organizations, and will expose the reality of soldiers on the ground who are forced to confront it. A reality that generates similar challenges to their armed and peacekeeping forces overseas.”

Before travelling to Brussels, the reserve soldiers took part Monday in a rally by Jewish groups in Geneva to protest the constant demonization of the state of Israel by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) as this body is expected to adopt a handful of biased resolutions condemning Israel without mentioning Hamas’  use and absue of human shields. The delegation will take part in a panel discussion in the UNHRC building.

During a debate on the so-called  ”Item 7” on Monday, the Special Rapporteur on the Palestinian Territories and a Commission of Inquiry accused Israel of perpetuating human rights abuses in those territories.

In the following week, the ”My Truth” delegation will continue to Washington where it will participate in the annual conference of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), the largest pro-Israel advocacy group in the U.S., and hold a series of meetings with members of the Congress.


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