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British Jewish leader warns that Jeremy Corbyn has ‘declared war on the Jews’

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LONDON—Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn has ‘’declared war on the Jews,’’ claimed the President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Marie van der Zyl.

She made the remark in an interview with i24news.

She also said that Corbyn’s “hatred of Israel and Zionism runs so deep he cannot separate that from antisemitism.”

‘’A Corbyn-led government could represent a threat to world security,” van der Zyl warned.

Her comments came after recent revelations about the Labour leader’s meetings with Palestinian terrorist chiefs and visits to the Middle East to meet with senior Hamas figures, while he was still a backbencher.

The latest revelations claim the Labour leader has broken parliamentary rules by failing to declare the visit to Israel as part of a delegation with the Islamist lobby group Middle East Monitor

During that visit, he met Hamas officials Ahmad Attoun, Khaled Abu-Arafah, and Muhammad Totah.


“Every day we are learning he is spending more and more time with terrorists, with extremists. His credibility surely is blown, but the ratings at home are quite alarming. Despite his dramatic personal drop in the opinion polls Labour are still ahead if there was an election tomorrow,” said the president of the representative umbrella group of British Jews.

‘’I cannot explain why good people did not recognise that Mr Corbyn’s meetings with terrorists and extremists  ultimately threaten the security of Britain – not just Jews.”

She said she feared that his “cult” like status amongst young voters was particular problem.

Asked how the British Jewish community was feeling, she added: “We are feeling nervous, we are feeling anxious – it’s like Jeremy Corbyn has declared war on the Jews at home.We’ve never been in this situation, it’s unprecedented.’’


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