EU and Norway to convene meeting of donor group for Palestine in order to speed up efforts for two-state solution, Abbas to meet EU FMs in Brussels

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mhhmoud Abbas is to meet the EU Foreign Ministers in Brussels on January 22;

BRUSSELS —Norway and the European Union announced they will convene in Brussels an extraordinary session of the international donor group for Palestine, the so-called Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC), ‘’to bring all parties together to discuss measures to speed up efforts that can underpin a negotiated two-state solution.’’

The meeting will be held on 31 January at ministerial level, hosted by the European Union and chaired by Norway.

‘’Furthermore it is necessary to enable the Palestinian Authority to execute full control over Gaza, based on the Cairo agreement from 12 October 2017,’’ an EU statement said.

On 22 January, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will meet the EU’s Foreign Ministers and EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini in Brussels. Last month, the ministers met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to press reports,  Abbas will seek EU recognition of a ”state of Palestine” within the 1967 borders with eastern Jerusalem as its capital, as well as increase EU financial aid should the US follow through on its threat to stop its aid.

The PA chief is reportedly seeking to sideline US President Trump’s role in the Middle East process and to ask the EU take over the lead.

At a meeting with Abbas last month, French President Emmanuel Macron ruled out recognizing “Palestine” as a state unilaterally.