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A rocket from Gaza fell Tuesday in a kindergarten in the southern Israeli city of Ashdod. No one was hurt in the explosion, according to initial reports.

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The EU Council of Foreign Affairs
''Recent events in the wider Middle East pose serious threats to the EU as well as to its immediate neighbours. The European Union reiterates its fundamental commitment to the security of Israel, including with regard to current and emerging threats in the region.''
Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini
'The casefire in the Gaza conflict would open a path to political negotiations and thus ending the conflict in the Middle East region.''
British Under Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in charge of Middle East and North Africa
''The truce provides a needed opportunity to finalize a comprehensive solution to the conflict in Gaza.''
The European Union in a statement on 27 August
''The Palestinian government of national consensus, under the leadership of President Abbas, should exercise effective administration of the Gaza Strip. Hamas and other militant groups must stop all threats to Israel.''
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
'The blow that Hamas has now taken is unprecedented since it was founded, a very hard blow. I must say that it also took a diplomatic hit. See, Hamas set conditions at the outset for a ceasefire. We accepted the Egyptian initiative for a ceasefire, already in the first days, unconditionally and without time constraints whereas Hamas set conditions. It demanded a seaport – it did not get one.It demanded an airport, it did not get one. It demanded the release of the Shalit prisoners, those who were released in the Shalit deal whom we returned to prison following the murder of the three youths, it did not get this. It demanded Qatari mediation, it did not get it. It demanded Turkish mediation, it did not get it. It did not receive any condition. It demanded further conditions. It demanded the rehabilitation of the institutions that we dissolved in Judea and Samaria, it did not get this. It demanded salaries and money from us, it didn’t get them. It did not receive any of the conditions that it set.'
Antonio Abril Abadin, General Counsel and Secretary of the Board of Zara in a letter to the Simon Wiesenthal Center apologizing for the sale of a t-shirt reminiscent to the concentrtion camp uniforms.
''Please let me apologize personally and on behalf of our Group for this mistake which is of course far away from the philosophy and the intention of the Inditex Group.Zara is a company with more than 50 stores in Israel and is very close to the Jewish tradition.''

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Parashat Shoftim / פרשת שופטים
Next read on 30 August 2014. Parashat Shoftim is the 48th weekly Torah portion in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading.

French President Hollande: Europe must play bigger role to help solve Israel-Palestinian conflict

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Police confirm body found in Jerusalem forest is that of missing American yeshiva student

By Yossi Lempkowicz JERUSALEM (EJP)---Israeli police announced that they have found the body of an American yeshiva student who went missing last week while hiking and do not suspect a crime was involved, media reports say. The body of Aaron Sofer, 23, from New Jersey, was identified after being found earlier on ... Full Article

Israeli press on Operation Protective Edge : the battle for the public opinion

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Netanyahu on Operation Protective Edge : ‘A great military and diplomatic achievement’

By Yossi Lempkowicz JERUSALEM (EJP)---‘’What we have is a great military achievement and a great diplomatic achievement,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday as he commented to the media the achievements of Operation Protective Edge against Hamas in Gaza. Speaking alongside Defence Mini... Full Article

Poland’s Donald Tusk to head the EU Council ? Italy's Federica Mogherini to replace Catherine Ashton ?

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Gaza ceasefire agreement: ’Simply returning to the situation before the latest conflict is not an option,' the EU says

By Yossi Lempkowicz BRUSSELS (EJP)---‘’Simply returning to the situation before the latest conflict is not an option. Hamas and other militant groups must stop all threats to Israel,’’ the European Union said in a first reaction to the ceasefire agreement in the Gaza conflict. "We welcome the ceasefire ag... Full Article

Pro-Palestinians attack Jewish couple in Manhattan's Upper East Side

By Yossi Lempkowicz NEW YORK (EJP)---A young Jewish couple was attacked Monday in an apparent anti-Semitic incident on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. According to the New York Post, two cars and a motorcycle flying Palestinian flags pulled up to the Jewish couple on East 63rd Street near Third Avenue around 8 p.m... Full Article

T-shirt reminiscent of Nazi concentration camps uniforms: Zara apologizes and withdraws it from the stores

By Yossi Lempkowicz BRUSSELS (EJP)---Spanish retail clothing giant Zara ''honestly'' apologized on Wednesday following an outcry over one of its striped T-shirts for kids that bears a resemblance to a Nazi concentration camp uniform. It said it withdrew the blue and white striped boy’s shirt bearing a yellow st... Full Article

Zara striped t-shirt for kids is reminiscent of concentration camp uniforms

By Yossi Lempkowicz NEW YORK (EJP)---Giant Spanish clothing retailer Zara has attracted a lot of attention on social networks following the sale for kids of a striped t-shirt bearing a yellow star. A garment that is reminiscent of pyjamas worn in the Nazi extermination camps during WWII. The big yellow star on t... Full Article