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U.S. airlines resumed flights to Israel after FAA ban was lifted.European airlines have been also told they can consider flying again to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion's airport. Easyjet resumed flights.

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British Prime Minister David Cameron, in a statement to the House of Commons on Monday
“This crisis was triggered by Hamas raining hundreds of rockets on Israeli cities, indiscriminately targeting civilians in contravention of all humanitarian law and norms. In the last fortnight, Hamas has fired 1,850 rockets at Israeli cities. This unprecedented barrage continues to this moment, with Hamas rejecting all proposals for a ceasefire, including those put forward by the Egyptian government. I have been clear throughout this crisis that Israel has the right to defend itself. Those criticizing Israel’s response must ask themselves how they would expect their own government to react if hundreds of rockets were raining down on British cities today.”
Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg
“Ben Gurion is the best protected airport in the world and El Al flights have been regularly flying in and out of it safely.”
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a cabinet meeting on Thursday 24 July.
"At this time IDF soldiers are continuing take strong action across the Gaza Strip. As of now, the IDF has struck a deep and significant blow at the infrastructures of terrorism – at the terrorists themselves, at rockets, at command centers, at production facilities and at many other targets''.
The EU Council of Foreign Affairs
''Recent events in the wider Middle East pose serious threats to the EU as well as to its immediate neighbours. The European Union reiterates its fundamental commitment to the security of Israel, including with regard to current and emerging threats in the region.''
Shimon Peres in his speech handing over the presidency of the State of Israel to Reuven Rivlin on Thursday
‘‘I did not imagine that in the last days of my presidency I would be called upon, once more, to comfort bereaved families.’’ He said Hamas was responsible for starting the current war by firing barrages of rockets at Israel, but also emphasized that ‘‘Israel is not the enemy of the people of Gaza.’’

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Netanyahu:' We need to be prepared for a long operation until our mission is accomplished'

By Yossi Lempkowicz JERUSALEM (EJP)---As the IDF confirmed 5 Israeli soldiers were killed, including four by a mortar fire near the border with Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau said ‘’we need to be prepared for a long operation until our mission is accomplished." IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz a... Full Article

Worrying situation of Jewish communities in Europe discussed at the Knesset

By Yossi Lempkowicz JERUSALEM (EJP)---Members of the Israeli parliament’s immigration, absorption and diaspora affairs committee met Monday several European diplomats to discuss the worrying situation of Jewish communities in Europe and rising anti-Semitism as calls of  ''death to Jew'' and ''burn the Jews in g... Full Article

Netanyahu : ‘Hamas breaks the ceasefire it itself asked for’

By Yossi Lempkowicz JERUSALEM (EJP)---‘’Israel accepted five different ceasefire proposals and truce offers, which were all rejected by Hamas,’’ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday. “And now Hamas breaks the ceasefire it itself had asked for, and continues to fire at Israeli civilians.... Full Article

Solidarity rally for Israel in Brussels as pro-Palestinian demonstrations marred by anti-Semitic incidents

By Yossi Lempkowicz BRUSSELS (EJP) --- While several pro-Palestinian demonstrations marred by anti-Semitic incidents took place in recent days in Belgium, a rally of solidarity and support for Israel in its fight against Hamas terrorism in Gaza was attended by nearly thousand people on Sunday outside of the Israel... Full Article

Israel’s security cabinet accepts to extend humanitarian ceasefire for 24 hours but Hamas rejects

By Yossi Lempkowicz JERUSALEM (EJP)---Israel’s security cabinet accepted Saturday night to extend a humanitarian halt to hostilities in the Gaza Strip for 24 hours, but said the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) would continue to operate to destroy tunnels from Gaza into its territory. Even as the ministers were meeti... Full Article

Israeli football team attacked by Turkish pro-Palestinian supporters during friendly game in Austria

By Yossi Lempkowicz VIENNA (EJP)---A pre-season friendly game between Israeli football team Maccabi Haifa and French club of Lille had to be stopped after pro-Palestinian protesters stormed the pitch in Austria. Young supporters of Turkish origin carrying Turkish and Palestinian flags ran onto the field in Austr... Full Article

Jewish Museums in Norway closed for possible terrorist attacks similar to Brussels

By Yossi Lempkowicz OSLO (EJP)---Jewish museums in Norway were closed to the public on Friday, a day after Norway stepped up security in the wake of a possible imminent terrorist attack by jihadists coming from Syria. The Jewish community seems like a probable target for Islamist terrorists who come back to Europe a... Full Article

Hezbollah flags, 'Hamas Jihad' slogans during pro-Palestinian rally in Brussels

By Yossi Lempkowicz BRUSSELS (EJP)---Pro-Palestinian protesters waived Hezbollah flags and shouted in support of ‘’Hamas Jihad’’ during a rally in the center of Brussels Friday afternoon, according to witnesses. The demonstration of around 400 people, mainly Muslims, against Israel’s military operation... Full Article

Brazil recalls its ambassador in Israel over Gaza

By Yossi Lempkowicz JERUSALEM/SAO PAULO (EJP)---Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said Israel was disappointed by the decision of Brazil to recall its ambassador from Tel Aviv after condemning what it called the "disproportionate use of force" by Israel in Gaza. ‘’This decision does not reflect t... Full Article