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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton scored huge victories in primaries on Tuesday that bring them closer to a monumental duel for the White House in November.

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Giles Merritt, founder and secretary general of the Brussels-based Friends of Europe.
"Upgrading security with improved technology is clearly needed at airports across Europe. But the real lesson to draw from Israel's safety record is that its major investment has been in training security personnel who quickly pick out suspected terrorists. That's where we must invest the most."
French philosopher and writer Bernard-Henri Levy.
''Europe has not taken advantage of the laboratory that Israel both constitutes and provides for how a country can be in a state of emergency where terrorism is concerned and at the same time uphold democratic values.Israel’s state of emergency began 67 years ago.''
British Prime Minister David Cameron
"As Jewish communities unite to celebrate the festival of Passover, our thoughts will turn to the increasing number of abhorrent anti-Semitic attacks over the past year,
92-year-old former Israeli President Shimon Peres in greetings to Britain's Queen Elisabth upon her 90th birthday
“From my own experience I can tell you that in my judgment- life begins at the age of 90, and they go up better and better.''
Oded Eran, Senior Researcher at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) in Tel Aviv and a former Israeli ambassador to the EU
“Turkey is an important neighbour in a very volatile region. Israel and Turkey are trying to limit the number of conflicts in which they are involved. Both countries, certainly Israel, would like to improve the relations and reduce the tensions.”
James Sorene, Britain Israel Communication (BICOM) CEO
''Criticism of the Israeli government is of course entirely legitimate, as it is against any government. But when that criticism is expressed in violent language, directed at its people in racist terms or uses references to Hitler and Nazism, it is anti-Semitic and deeply offensive. If the only country in the world that you want to disappear is the Jewish one then you are in very bad company, on the wrong side of history.''
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
"Israel believes that the best solution to the conflict is direct, bilateral negotiations. Israel is ready to begin these negotiations immediately, with no preconditions or any other initiatives which will keep the Palestinians from coming to the negotiating table."

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Passover Torah Reading
Next read on April 23,2016 is Passover Torah Reading.

Israeli and Turkish negotiators to meet again next month to try to reach final agrement on nomalisation of relations

ANKARA (EJP)---Turkish and Israeli envoys will meet again in mid-May to try to reach a final reconciliation agreement and normalize relations between the two countries, said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. During a visit in Zagreb, Croatia, Erdogan told reporters that the two teams... Full Article

Synagogue in Marseille sold to Muslim association to be converted into mosque

PARIS (EJP)---A synagogue in Marseille, southern France, will be converted into a mosque amid as the Jewish population in the city is dwindling, daily newspaper La Provence reported. A Muslim cultural association Al Badr purchased the Or Thora synagogue and will reopen the religious site as a... Full Article

In response to French initiative to hold international peace conference, Netanyahu says best way to end conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is 'direct, bilateral negotiations'

JERUSALEM (EJP)---"Israel adheres to the position that the best way to end the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is direct, bilateral negotiations," said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he officially rejected a French initiative to convene an international conference to re... Full Article

New anti-Semitism row hits British Labour party : former London mayor Ken Livingstone suspended for claiming ‘Hitler supported Zionism before the Holocaust’

LONDON (EJP)---The Labour party has suspended former London Mayor Ken Livingstone in the wake of a new anti-Semitism row. The suspension came after several party figures, including Labour’s candidate for London mayor, called for Livingstone suspension for his comments in a BBC London Radio i... Full Article

Iran's Foreign Minister Zarif defends Tehran's Holocaust denial cartoon contest

NEW YORK (EJP)---Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Zarif appeared to defend his country’s Holocaust denial cartoon contest. The annual contest, which was introduced by former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinajad and is sponsored by the Tehran Municipality, offers a prize of tens of thous... Full Article

ECI annual policy conference calls on EU to promote partnership with Israel, fight BDS 'which breeds anti-Semitism'

BRUSSELS (EJP)---Renewing EU-Israel partnership in different areas after a period of tense political relationship and fighting the anti-Israel Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS) movement were high on the agenda of the annual policy conference of the European Coalition for Israel (ECI) in the Europ... Full Article

Donald Trump in foreign policy speech: '’President Obama has not been a friend to Israel'

WASHINGTON (EJP)---‘’President Obama has not been a friend to Israel. He has treated Iran with tender love and care and made it a great power,’’ said Donald Trump, the front-runner in the Republican presidential contest, in a Washington speech outlining his vision for US foreign policy. ... Full Article

Romania’s parliament expected to vote next week property restitution legislation

BUCHAREST (EJP)---Romania’s parliament is expected to vote next week a property restitution legislation. During WWII, Romania was an ally of Nazi Germany until it changed sides in August 1944. But much of the property seized by the Nazis during the war was later nationalised under communis... Full Article

Labour Member of British parliament resigns from a position after calling for Israel to be 'relocated' to the US

LONDON (EJP)---A Labour Member of the British Parliament, Naz Shah, has resigned from her position as aide to shadow chancellor John McDonnell after it was revealed she called in a 2014 Facebook post for Israel to be relocated to the US. The post, which was publicized on Monday, drew angry... Full Article