Tuesday, 7 Jul 2020 - 15 of Tammuz, 5780

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi, Pompeo: Trump could meet Rouhani ‘with no preconditions’

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On Monday, Benjamin Netanyahu revealed what he called a “nuclear-weapon development” site in the southwestern Iranian city of Abadan.

JERUSALEM—Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will travel for a diplomatic visit on Thursday and meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi, his office annnounced.

The two leaders ‘’will discuss regional issues including the situation in Syria, with an emphasis on tightening the military coordination mechanisms,’’ the statement said.

Netanyahu, who will also meet with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, will be accompanied by the Director of the National Security Council.

The Israeli premier is said to discuss with President Putin the continuation of military coordination so as to prevent a collision given the upsurge in activity against us by Iran and its proxies and Israel’s increased activity against them.

The announcement of the visit comes as U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared that U.S. President Donald Trump could meet Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani with ‘no preconditions’

Earlier,  Trump announced the resignation of national security adviser John Bolton, who bolstered the U.S. “maximum pressure” campaign against Iranian nuclear capability.

Pompeo’s remarks came during a news briefing to unveil new sanctions against Iran, including against Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

On Monday, Netanyahu revealed what he called a “nuclear-weapon development” site in the southwestern Iranian city of Abadan.

“It’s incredible. Every time we reveal, they try to cover up their tracks,” the Prime Minister said in an address to the nation about the previously unknown site, which Iran destroyed after apparently finding out that Israel discovered it.

“When Iran realized that we uncovered the site, here’s what they did: they destroyed the site. They just wiped it out. They wiped out the site. Here they conducted nuclear experiments for nuclear weapons. This is the site after they understood that we were on to them. They destroyed the evidence or at least tried to destroy the evidence,” he said.

He presented photographs of the site taken in June.

Netanyahu also cofirmed a Reuters report on Sunday that the International Atomic Energy Agency found traces of uranium at a facility in Tehran that Netanyahu labeled last year as a “secret atomic warehouse.”

Last week, Netanyahu met with British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. in London. The

The discussions mainly dealt with Iran and Iran’s proxies, especially Hezbollah.


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