Sunday, 25 Feb 2018 - 10 of Adar, 5778

Jewish groups harshly condemn attack on Sufi Mosque in Egypt

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NEW YORK—Jewish groups on Friday condemned a terror attack on the Al-Radwa Sufi Mosque in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt which killed at least 235 civilians.

World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder said that the world must stand united in its resolve to defeat this scourge of terrorism.

“The World Jewish Congress harshly and unequivocally condemns the horrifying and barbaric terrorist attack carried out against innocent civilians in Egypt this morning. World Jewry stands in solidarity with the victims of the attack, and all of the people of Egypt.

“This was a cowardly assault on humanity that must be dealt with in the harshest measures possible. The international community must stand united in its resolve to defeat this scourge of terrorism that is spreading unfettered throughout the world.

“Terrorism of this kind does not discriminate – we are all targets. Decent people of all religions, faiths, and nationalities in this world must defend each other and look after each other. We cannot let terror reign.”

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said this newest attack -the deadliest attack in Egyptian history – is an attack on the respect of diverse communities, cultures, and religions. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families affected.

‘’This heinous crime reminds all people around the world that terror and violence have no place in civilized society. ADL stands in solidarity with the Egyptian nation and the Sufi Muslim community and against those who seek to promote division, hatred and terror,’’ said ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt.

While no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, ISIS-affiliated groups have perpetrated terror attacks in the Sinai, as well as attacks against Coptic Churches. ISIS has declared Sufi Muslims – a minority within Islam – apostates.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi pledged to use “brute force against that small band of extremist terrorists.”

“The Armed Forces and the police will avenge our martyrs and restore security and stability in full force in the next period,” el-Sisi declared in a live televised address after the earlier assault during Friday prayers at the al-Rawda mosque in the town of Bir al-Abed.

“All that is happening is an attempt to stop our efforts in our fight against terror and an attempt to break our will in ending the terrible criminal scheme that aims to destroy what remains of the region,” el-Sisi said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strongly condemned the “painful terror attack in Egypt.”

No group has yet claimed responsibility for Friday’s atrocity, but ISIS and other Sunni Islamist terror groups have carried out similar attacks in the past. In August, 30 worshipers were murdered at a Shia mosque in Kabul, the Afghan capital, in an ISIS gun attack. ISIS considers the Shia and other minority streams of Islam to be “apostates.”

The al-Rawda mosque was frequented by Sufi Muslims, who are denounced by ISIS as “infidels.” ISIS has also carried out numerous terrorist attacks against Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority over the last six years.


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