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French PM Manuel Valls: 'France will put all its strength to protect the Jews'

Written by Joseph Byron
Tuesday, 26 January 2016 15:24
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French Prime Minister Manuel Valls: ‘’Anti-Semitism strikes in the Middle East. It also hits Europe. And France will put all its strength to protect the Jews''.

PARIS (EJP)---France "will put all its strength to protect the Jews’’, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said at a ceremony in the Paris City Hall to mark the 20th anniversary of the asassination of the Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin.

The event was originally due to take place in November but had to be postponed because of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

"The Jews are again and still abused, victims of a virulent anti-Semitism that is hidden behind hatred of Israel," Valls said.

‘’Anti-Semitism strikes in the Middle East. It also hits Europe. And France will put all its strength to protect the Jews, for the French Jews, who are legitimately attached to the land of Israel as they love their country France, to continue to look France as their homeland,’’ the Prime Minister declared.

After paying tribute to the "absolute commitment and passion" of Yitzhak Rabin, Valls recalled that France and Israel were "two sister nations" whose friendship was "demanding and honest."

He said France opposes attempts to impose sanctions on Israel.

The ceremony was also attended by Zionist Union head and leader of Israel’s opposition, Isaac Herzog

In his remarks, Herzog noted that participating in the commemoration was of utmost importance to him.

“This event is the reason and the heart of my visit here,” he told the Post, ‘’commemorating prime minister Rabin and his vision of peace, together with so many others here who also believe in this vision.”

He thanked Valls for his strong commitment to protect the Jewish community.

“I am especially moved to be here, not just as head of... the party of Rabin, but also because the story of my own family is linked to that of the city, with my grandfather, who established a synagogue here, with my father who took part in the Normandy battles to liberate France,” he said.

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