Saturday, 24 Feb 2018 - 9 of Adar, 5778

Czech Member of the European Parliament Tomas Zdechovsky: MEPs who invited Leila Khaled to Brussels must be sanctioned

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BRUSSELS (EJP)—At the end of last month, Leila Khaled, a prominent member of the Palestinian terrorist group Popular Front for the liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which is outlawed by the EU, spoke in the European Parliament at a conference organized by two Spanish far-left MEPs.

Tomas Zedchovsky, a Czech Member of the European Parliament from the European People’s Party (EPP), was the first to be alerted by the presence of a terrorist in the building of the parliament in Brussels. He called on European Parliament President  Antonio Tajani  to investigate whether the EU’s anti-terror rules had been breached by the two Spanish MEPs from the European United Left group who invited Leila Khaled.

‘’Not only did she (Khaled) hijack airplanes from European cities, but she never faced justice.This terrorst only xwalks free here because other terrorists hijacked even more Europeans in exchange for her release,’’ he noted.

‘’President Tajani, who was very surprised when he learned of the presence of Leila Khaled (it was not announced until the last minute), promised us that this will quickly be investigated,’'Zdechovsky told European Jewish Press in an interview.

According to the Czech MEP, President Tajani can impose various sanctions on the two Spanish MEPs, even a suspension. ''We must avoid this will happen again,'' he said.

‘’I am a peaceful person and I support every time a peaceful solution between Israel and Palestinians. But we cannot give a democratic word in the European parliament to such people who have been fighting with guns against democracy. I will never bring here to the European Parliament radical people, like the PKK or any Palestinian terror group,’’ he said.  

‘’We need some dialogue between the Palestinians and Israel. Don’t interrupt this dialogue with this kind of unacceptable person,’’ he added.  

He deplored the lack of political dialogue between the European Union and Israel over the last years. ‘’Israel is the only democratic state in the region… It is an absolute priority to have a positive dialogue with Israel,’’ he said.

As  member of the Budgetary Control Committee of the European Parliament, Zdechowsky has sent many interpellations to the European Commission regarding the Palestinian Authority rewarding terrorists, paying them salaries, with EU money. ‘’This is not possible and has to stop. It is not possible to name schools after terrorists from Munich… This is not acceptable…We have to say clearly to the Palestinians: if you do this we will not be financing you anymore… It is important to tell the Palestinians what is their responsibility towards Israel.’’


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